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Social Media Solutions   

We can establish social media accounts for you or improve upon your existing social media presence. Social media helps customers--and search engines--find you but not all businesses are equally well-suited to a strong social media presence. Social media solutions include:

  • Deciding which Social Media platforms are a correct fit for your product, brand, mission, demographic        
  • Setup of social media platforms—adding profile,timeline, and background photos, profile information, integrating social media accounts with each other and your website.                                           
  • Researching relevant hashtags and keywords that will increase user engagement and boost sales             
  • Curating content to share with followers                        
  • Creating templates or guidelines for posts and tweets                                                                                            
  • Regular progress reports and updated suggestions for improvement                                                                  
  • Producing a content writing calendar to ensure content is available at the right time and pre-scheduling posts so you can actually take time off

Social media solutions are flexible, low-cost, and user friendly. If you would like us to merely teach you how to Tweet and then hand over the ropes, we can do that. If you would prefer minimum personal engagement with social media platforms we can do the posting, guided by our understanding of your brand

Social Media Platforms

  • Facebook 

Facebook is, by far, the most popular and widely used social networking site. People use it to keep in touch with family and friends, share information about their lives, and get news. 

  • Twitter

The second most popular social media platform is composed of 140 character 'tweets.' Twitter is a quick and easy way to keep on top of information and its use as a customer service tool has become increasingly popular. 

  • Google Plus 

Google Plus adds a social networking dimension to the other products offered by Google and helps to tie them all together. Google Plus also influences results that show up in a search through the +1 feature, which allows users to recommend sites they like. Results that have received a +1 from your social circle or email contacts will be ranked higher in search.

  • Instagram

Preferred by individuals under 35, Instagram is fast-growing and exclusive to iPhone and Android users. Users post square shaped photos or short videos, edited with filters, and use location-based geotags or trend-oriented #hashtags to show up in search. 

  • Pinterest 

More popular among women, Pinterest allows its users to create virtual 'pinboards' to save and share things they find interesting on the web. Hair and make-up tips, craft tutorials, recipes, travel photos, and wedding planning are some of the most common content, making this site a must for certain types of businesses.

  • LinkedIn 

Primarily for professionals, LinkedIn is used for sales, recruitment, research, and career networking. An individual's Linked In profile is a virtual and enhanced version of his or her resume. 

  • Yelp 

Yelp hosts customer reviews and helps customers search for businesses. Millennials tend to trust user-generated information over professional media sources, increasing the influence of platforms like Yelp. 

This is just a sampling of the hundreds of different social media channels that you can use to promote your business and improve your customer service. Other social media platforms are designed with specific industries or interests in mind and a comprehensive social media strategy will incorporate those channels best suited to your business, market, and industry.  

Social Media 

is used by 74% of adult internet users in the United States and a Gallup poll found it does have some influence on buyer behavior. It is crucial for any successful digital marketing plan. It is a way to communicate messages about your business, build your brand, and interact with your customers. Additionally, the huge popularity of social media means your business may already be referenced on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Frequent social media users like to share information about their day-to-day life, making it possible for customer feedback to be integrated with your overall social media and digital marketing strategy. Using social media lets you control the conversation and understand how customers see your brand.