Small Business Search Engine Optimization

Not sure why your business needs a website or social media? 

  • Websites are how you become visible to your customers. In 2013, 95% of consumers used Internet Search to find a product or service (BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey 2013)This wasn’t limited to online shopping—consumers use the Internet to do research before making purchases at local brick-and-mortar stores, locate desired products or services in their own neighborhoods, or find what they need while traveling.  

  • Business websites are the third most effective tool of attracting new customers to your business, after word-of-mouth and business referrals (Yodle SMB Sentiment Report).A strong website has an edge on word-of-mouth—it’s more reliable. A potential customer stands a better chance of actually making it to your business if he or she is able to find your address online, rather than relying on a friend’s directions. Pairing your website with search engine marketing will help grow your business.

  • 82% of Americans use the Internet almost daily, even a majority(53%) of senior citizens are frequent internet users (Pew Internet Usage Report). You may think your target clientele may not be looking for you on the Internet but with such high Internet usage and the relatively low cost of Internet marketing, it’s foolish not to implement some of these tools. A well-designed website with accurate information and a few social media sites can make a world of difference.  

Digital marketing offers a cost-effective, and easy-to-track method of attracting new customers, improving service for your existing clientele, and getting ahead of the competition.  What gets measured is what gets done. Online marketing has another huge advantage over many traditional advertising methods because it usually generates automatic data. We can help you plan and track a successful social media and search engine marketing campaign. 

Digital marketing, web presence management, and SEO can give any business or entrepreneur an advantage. 

  • Restaurants 

  • Authors 

  • Personal trainers

  • Nutritionists 

  • Clothing Retailers 

  • Tutoring and test preparation services 

  • Childcare providers 

  • Salons

  • And much much more

About SEO Experts

SEO Experts

If you think your business won't benefit from an enhanced web presence, look at the statistics on consumer behavior and Internet use and then contact us.  We integrate copy-to-completion copywriting within our marketing strategy to offer full-service solutions to our clients.